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Yuan Sin Feng Enterprise Limited Co. is an ISO 13485/9001 and GMP certified, premier orthopedic medical device manufacturer. It is well specialized in creating molds of injection molding, orthopedic devices, surgical instruments and more.

In order to promote quality and timely control of operations, the company is divided to four departments under the leadership of general manager. Each of the following departments have their specialists and experts:

1. Sales Department
2. Mold Making Department
3. CNC Processing Department
4. Lathe Processing Department

It is the company's aim to constantly improve its technical level and satisfy the needs of customers to remain steady growth in the heavily competing OEM factory field.

Through the years, it is YSF's mission to serve its clients with the best quality and services highlighting the values of: effective promotion and fast and accurate delivery of products, specialized quality control to improve craftsmanship and satisfying its customers with the efficient quality, speed, and price.